Dark Fine Paradigms

An Irish-American male with taste for African-American chocolate adds some Indian spice to his recipe for love with explosive results. Paddy has a preference for black women. He’s a middle class non-profit worker, his girlfriend Laura is an upper class elitist. When Laura breaks things off he’s at a loss until he meets Sunita, someone darker and different than what he’s used to. When Laura finds out about the other woman she has a change of heart, setting the stage for all involved to reassess life, love and paradigm.


Derek E. Morton


Derek E. Morton


James PooleLance LemonSharanya RaviAlana Gatling

| Short, Comedy, Drama | 10 March 2018 (USA)


World Music & Independent Film Festival (2014)


Best Director, Best Actor, Best Short Screenplay


Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress


Capital City Black Film Festival (2015)

Official Selection

Blasting News
"This film takes viewers on a Hitchcockian journey."
Blasting News
"Its fractured plot structure fits the concept and it leaves you constantly thinking and questioning the compelling events throughout"
John Charles Hunt
"The film is unpredictable, and reminiscent of M. Night Shyamalan’s best early efforts."